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      SpeakHer Mind

      A Community of Accomplices Promoting Gender Equality in the Workplace

      Uniting around a common purpose, the SpeakHer MindTM program amplifies voices that share practical and positive steps each of us can take to deliberately build the workplace environments that empower women to achieve their potential.

      SpeakHer Mind was born out of Namely’s WomenIN Employee Resource Group. The mission of WomenIN is to cultivate a community of women and advocates that seek to empower one another, provide resources to the women of Namely to aid in their professional and personal development, and educate those on the challenges affecting women.

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      Jennifer Aaker, author, professor

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      Elizabeth Nyamayaro, founder, HeForShe

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      SpeakHer Mind events are powerful talks where inspiring speakers share actionable insights and micro-actins that can be applied to improve diversity, empower others, and create more inclusive workplace environments.

      SpeakHer Mind alumni include:

      azure Azure Antoinette

      Poet and Entrepreneur

      andy cunningham Andy Cunningham

      Founder and President of Cunningham Collective

      ana Ana DuarteMcCarthy

      Former CDO, Citi Director, Forte Foundation

      adam Adam Grant

      NYT Bestseller and Wharton Professor

      yasmeen Yasmeen Hassan

      Global Executive Director, Equality Now

      gina Gina Mu?oz

      Chair, Trevor Project

      jeff Jeff Richards

      Managing Partner, GGV Capital

      elisa Elisa Steele

      CEO, Namely

      lisa Lisa Stone

      CSO, Ellevest

      paula Paula Tolliver

      CIO, Intel

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      If there are doors you open for men, but not for women, you are perpetuating inequality in the workplace.

      Adam Grant

      NYT Bestseller and Wharton Professor


      We don’t have time to be passive. It is time to move forward and move forward boldly.

      Azure Antoinette

      Poet and Entrepreneur


      It’s not happening fast enough, and we need to keep pushing, but I do believe the small things are starting to add up.

      Jeff Richards

      Managing Partner, GGV Capital

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