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      Let's Build a Better Workplace

      Namely is the HR software, payroll, and benefits platform that makes it possible.

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      Our All-In-One Core HR Platform Engages Your Whole Company

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        • Onboarding
        • eSignature
        • Employee Profiles
        • Social Newsfeed
        • Time Off Tracking
        • Org Charts
        • Automatic Deductions
        • Simple Tax Filing
        • Year-End Reporting
        • Time Integration
        • ACA Reporting
        • Employee Access
        • Health Insurance
        • FSA & HSA
        • Telehealth
        • Life & Disability
        • Nontraditional Offerings
        • 401k Integration
        • eSignature
        • Goals
        • Automated Reviews
        • Appreciation
        • Unlimited Reviews
        • Configurable Templates
        • Online Time Tracking
        • Physical Time Clocks
        • Time on Mobile
        • Scheduling
        • Mass Editing
        • Import to Payroll

      Cloud HR Software Connects and Empowers Employees

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      HR is no longer the complaint department.

      From performance reviews to office culture, you work to make everyone’s days better.

      People data empowers everyone company-wide.

      When employees and managers have access to HR data in the cloud, they can make informed decisions.

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      Join the 1,400+ Inspired HR Leaders Using Namely HRIS Across the Globe

      Namely amplifies what already makes your company great.

      “We’ve always been a company that celebrates each other’s wins. Namely’s feed helps inspire the team.”

      View Harmless Harvest’s Case Study

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      Our community inspires innovation and creates change—together.

      “[Namely’s annual conference] HR Redefined was an incredible experience… I learned a ton and left feeling energized, inspired, educated, and motivated.”

      Learn More

      Join the innovative leaders who use Namely. Schedule your HR software demo today.

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