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      Track time, import hours to payroll, and manage hourly employees with confidence.


      Time Management Features

      Online Time Tracking

      Intuitive, cloud-based software allows employees to manage their time online.

      Physical Time Clocks

      Employees can punch-in using a PIN, fingerprint, ID card, and more.

      Time on Mobile

      Create geo-fenced locations where employees clock in and manage hours.


      Create and manage employee schedules in real-time.


      Manage overtime hours and missed punches to ensure compliance.

      Mass Editing

      Make mass changes to schedules or approve time-off requests with one click.

      Import to Payroll

      Transfer time data to payroll for accurate and error-free processing.

      Admin Dashboard

      View and manage your entire hourly workforce in one place.


      Gain detailed insights on hours, employees, and more.

      Physical time clocks, seamlessly integrated with modern cloud-based software.

      View your critical time management data in one visual dashboard.

      Admin Dashboard

      See how Namely helps you manage your hourly workforce with confidence.